Coffee Resolutions

Coffee Resolutions

2022 is upon us, we are already in a brand-new year, in search of new hopes in these trying times of COVID-19.  While many of us evaluate our life choices and attempt to make positive changes to our lifestyle, the fact is resolutions are easily forgotten and can be difficult to keep.

How does New Year resolutions relate to coffee, and why cold brew?

There is often a sense of urgency associated with hot-brewed coffee.  We gulp it down and move on with the next meeting.  We grab a cup for the caffeine kick and move on before it gets cold and loses all its flavour.

We are in a world of constant progress and “moving on”, which is why making time to slow down helps us reconnect mentally and socially.  A cup of cold-brewed coffee retains its flavours better than hot-brewed coffee; there is no pressure to quaff it before it goes stale.  When we are allowed to nurse a cup of coffee that does not require to be hurried, our mindfulness and senses exist in the moment without sacrificing practicality and sanity.

(Little known fact: We can have a warm cup of cold brew coffee if our heart so desires.  More on that in subsequent posts).

As we launch Peppy Coffee and take off with our Starter Kit, we invite all to explore and indulge in having fresh batches of cold brew coffee prepared in the comfort of our homes. It is our core belief that enjoying a great cup of coffee can truly be fun, easy, and hassle-free.

Preparing specialty coffee ourselves might be a small change in our daily routine, it is however a simple and an easy step to take in furthering the bigger picture.  In return, we enjoy fresh and delicious cups of coffee, brewed exactly the way we like.  Drink fresh, drink better. 

We are now in February and March will arrive before we know it.  Whatever we have resolved to do for this New Year, there might be a chance we are already backsliding.  The good news is we don’t have to wait for the end of 2022 to start over with our resolutions.  
We resolve to improve our lives and to better ourselves.  We can start now. 

To a Peppy and delectable 2022!

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