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  • STEP 1: POUR

    Tear open the coffee pouch and pour contents into the filter.

    Then, attach the upper part to the filter

  • STEP 2: FILL

    Set the spout to the bottle with the strainer.
    Pour cold water gently until the highest mark or 750ml.


    Put the stopper on and shake gently and allow coffee ground and water to mix. Leave in fridge for 16-24 hours. VOILÀ!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your coffee from?

Our specialty coffee is ethically sourced and traceable, which means the farming practices are environmentally sustainable, and the coffee farmers have been compensated fairly for their labour.

It is important for us that you enjoy the best coffee that is earth-considerate and can be assured that no one has been exploited in the farming process. 

How much cold brew coffee can I get from a 60g pack?

One 60g pack of coffee is good for one steep with our Hario bottle that is included in our Starter Kit, that's why they are conveniently packed the way they are. No spoons nor weighing scale needed!

One steep yields about 650ml of cold brew, which is perfect for sharing.

Is it considered a cup of cold brew if I prepare hot coffee and then chill it in the fridge?

Visually, they might look like the same thing, but they cannot be more different. 

"Cold brew" refers to the brewing method; cold or room-temperature water is used to steep and extract the coffee over many hours.  Hot coffee is brewed quickly and within minutes. 

Cold water does not extract the same flavours the way hot water does and are thus significantly different. The resulting cold-brewed coffee is delicate, smoother, and nuanced in flavours.

How long can we keep the coffee for after steeping?

It is best to enjoy your cold brew at its freshest. 

It will be great in the fridge for up to a week, but we highly recommend that you consume it as soon as it is ready!

What should I do with the coffee grounds after steeping?

Used coffee grounds are great as a deodoriser, keep them in an open container to absorb and eliminate odours from your fridge.

Scatter them on your acid-loving plants and watch them thrive.

They are also wonderful as a body scrub or a foot scrub!

How environmentally friendly are you?

We believe that the most money-saving way of consuming coffee, is to brew them ourselves. One cold brew bottle potentially replaces many Ready-to-Drink bottles in the long run.

The freedom to enjoy your cold brew exactly the way you like, is a huge plus!

How can my business partner with you?

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community-building to encourage meaningful connections and collaborations

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